The fulfillment process

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Let’s get to the bottom of this. It seems like there has been some misunderstanding with regards to what I wrote last week. To avoid even further misunderstandings, I think it would be got with a recap so that everyone follows. This will be about fulfillment. And what is fulfillment, you may ask? Let’s start with that.

Fulfillment is a process. A process that is made by delivery companies to help companies get rid of a lot of tasks. It is actually very time-saving if I can say that myself. To explain this further, let’s have a look at how our fulfillment process looks


Every e-commerce business that sells products needs somewhere to keep the products. That goes without saying. Many companies lack the capacity, in terms of warehouses, to stock their own stuff. That’s when they turn to companies like us. Companies that have specialized in doing just that; storing other companies stuff. And not only that, we are also professionals at doing so. We know what is needed and we show it by offering great fulfillment services.


Next step is the picking and packing phase in the fulfillment process. This is where our staff, me and my co-workers, prepare stuff for delivery. It is exactly what it sounds like. When one of our customer’s customers place an order, we see that in our system. We go into our enormous warehouse to pick the right things up. We pack them in a way that secures the product’s safety but also facilitates efficient delivery.


One of the most important steps in fulfillment is of course the delivery. We need to get the package, whatever it is, to the recipient, the end-customer. I can’t speak for every other company but if you turn to ours, you’ll get the best and most efficient delivery services. Not to mention the fulfillment process, that we are really good at. It has a lot to do with efficiency. Throughout many years of carrying out fulfillment services in the U.S., we’ve gotten really good at what we do. That pays off in terms of happy customers.

I can’t talk about fulfillment any more today, but I’d be happy to get back to the topic soon again. If you want me to, that is!


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